Sequence Blast
input Section
-i:   input of query sequence
input from textarea  Upload local files
Nucleotide/CDS  Protein 
-p:   Program name
-d:   Database sequence
-m:   alignment view options
0 = pairwise,
1 = query-anchored showing identities,
2 = query-anchored no identities,
3 = flat query-anchored, show identities,
4 = flat query-anchored, no identities,
5 = query-anchored no identities and blunt ends,
6 = flat query-anchored, no identities and blunt ends,
7 = XML Blast output,
8 = tabular,
9 = tabular with comment lines [Integer]
-e:   Expectation value (E)
-v:   Number of database sequences to show one-line descriptions for (V)
-b:   Number of database sequence to show alignments for (B)
 Ohter BGI Database Links

    A knowledgebase for rice biology and genomics

  • ChickVD

    A sequence variation database for the chicken genome

  • SilkDB

    A knowledgebase for silkworm biology and genomics

  • IVDB

    Influenza virus database

  • Btn-IT

    Thermoanaerobacter tengcongensis

  • PigGIS

    Pig Genomic Informatics System